Tuesday, December 13, 2011

[TV Tuesday] Surprises Vs. Spoilers

Most of my shows are on hiatus right now. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to watch some new episodes of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix (But can I call it new? – You’ll see what I mean in a second). Sadly, it turns out that most of the episodes have either been seen by my sister (my Netflix buddy) or I. Or if we happen to stumble across an episode that we haven’t seen before, we (and by “we” I mean me because I’m always to blame *sarcasm*) have read spoilers about it.

Thanks to the hundreds (no seriously maybe tens) of websites out there that cover TV spoilers, it seems like nothing is ever a huge surprise anymore. To this day my sister still likes to use me as her excuse for hating Smallville (which is my all-time favorite show). She says that I used to read all the spoilers and then blab them to her and that ruined it for her. While I’m neither agreeing nor disagreeing with her, it got me to thinking… I read a lot of spoilers!!!

Because of spoilers I read online, I knew a lot of stuff before I even watched shows.
Examples: *Spoiler Alert*
-Before I even began watched One Tree Hill this summer, I already knew that Lucas ends up with Peyton and they have a daughter together. Nathan and Haley get married and have two children together. And -Brooke ends up with a guy named Julian.
-Before I gave Chuck a second chance this summer, I knew that Chuck and Sarah ended up married and Awesome and Ellie have a baby Awesome.
-Before I started watching Bones a couple of months ago with my sister, I knew Bones got pregnant (thank you Emily Deschanel!)

While I didn’t know how those characters got there, I still knew. I found myself waiting for these milestone moments that would get them to where I knew they were headed. I found myself yelling at my TV more whenever a couple broke up (because I knew they were fools and would get back together and marry). I found myself rushing through episodes. I found myself glued to my television.

So, I ask today… How do you feel about spoilers? Do you like knowing a certain kiss is coming or do you prefer to be absolutely surprised?

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