Wednesday, August 14, 2013

#HarmonizeHouston (My Fifth Harmony Experience)

I can’t believe I get to say this, but I met Fifth Harmony a week ago on August 7, 2013. Three years from now, I want to be able to remember this day. So, here I go. 

I got there around noon. There was already a crowd started to form by the stage for a show that wasn’t set to start until 4. Everyone was sitting so I did too. I’m super short so it’s hard for me to see over people. So, I was going to move to get a side view. 

Just as I’m moving, a woman comes and asks if there’s any online winners. I heard her explain that the people getting the private meet and greet with the girls were to meet up at 2:30 by a yellow sign. I wasn’t sure if she meant just the House of Harmonizers or the wristband winners for #HarmonizeAmerica. I was a wristband winner and I had heard so much from previous shows so I wasn’t sure what that really meant. I went up to her asked. She checked a list of names of the people that would meet there. I was on the list. 

I was going to get to meet and greet the girls before the show in a more private setting! I couldn’t believe it. 

Right before they told us all to line up to meet the girls, someone came near the front of the stage where my sister and I were standing. I couldn’t see who it was until the person got closer. It was Troy, Ally’s boyfriend. They were calling the wristband winners to go line up, but I wanted to get a picture of him before everyone noticed him and started rushing to him for pictures. Luckily, I got mine before I had to rush over. 

10 people at a time we went in an elevator to meet the girls. One of the girls in the elevator thought we should go into the room twerking so that we’d be memorable for the girls. Twerking isn’t really my thing, but we all agreed on it so I was willing to go in there dancing or whatever, but then they split our group in two to actually meet the girl and half of the group was the shy part. Five people at a time would go into their hotel room. Everyone (including myself) was peeking into the room before it was time for our group to go in. Let’s just say a lot of fangirling was going on. 

Then it was time for us to go in. 

I was the last one in line in my group. So, the five other girls I was with, went up to Fifth Harmony and had like a group hug thing. I’m also really super short and if I had gotten involved in the group hug, I would have been at all of the other fans behinds. No thank you. 

Right off the bat, Lauren and I made eye contact. She looked over at me as they were doing their group hug thing and smiled/laughed. She saw how lost I was not being in the hug, but not wanting my face to end up in someone’s butt. Everyone pulled apart and the other fans started hugging the other girls. She walked over to me and said, “get in here.” She pulled me in for a really tight hug.

When we pulled apart, I went to hug the next girl. Normani and Dinah were both waiting for me to come over to hug them. They both leaned down to hug me at the same time. Since I didn’t want to diss one of them by hugging the other first, I ended up hugging them both at the same time. Normani with my left arm. Dinah with my right.

Next was Ally. She hugged me and asked me what my name was. Then I gave her a letter. She hugged me again and smiled and said “thank you so much”Next was Camila. As she went to hug me she stuck her tongue out (like Demi and Lauren do too). She asked me for my name.

Then it was time for the group picture. Lauren said that she liked my Superman shirt. Then Dinah said she liked my red pants. So, I kind of got shy and she went for the picture. Ally comes over right next to me. She gives me another (side) hug and kneels in right next to me. She accidently touched my boob and right away apologized for it. I think I said "It's okay." Then she whispered “Superman” really cutely. 

Since I was the last one to go around and give the girls hugs, I didn’t realize the other fans had given management/the girl’s mom/etc, their phone. So, I stood there for the group shots, but freaked at the thought of not having a picture of this moment.  I found the other pictures that the other girls posted and found one where Camila was resting her head rested on my head but it looks like I’m disgusted by her when it reality I was looking at the other girl’s phones freaking out about my picture. It’s actually kind of funny.  

So, I started to ask if we could do it again. I didn’t think anyone heard me, but then Ally asks one of the other woman in the room (I can’t even remember who it was) if she could take the picture for me. Luckily, they agreed. 

They thanked us all for coming. Ally kept turning to me and personally thanking me (for showing up or for the letter, I’m not sure). Everyone grabbed their phones and me thinking it was over started walking out, but then I noticed that the girls I had come in with stayed behind. So, stupid me, I asked Troy if we could take selfies with them. He just said “I don’t know.” I shouldn’t have asked and just went for it cause before I knew it, they (management) were asking us to send in the next group.

So we went back down the elevator and back to where the show would take place. There was a place set up for people with wristband (which ended up getting invaded by people who didn’t have one) that was quickly filling. Luckily, I was able to find a spot up in the front. BUT the yellow tape they put for the girls (and fans) protection was starting to choke me as more and more fans started piling in. It was so hot in the area I was in and my back was starting to hurt and it never seemed like the girls were never going to come back out.

But then they did and the crowd went crazy. They hid behind this red tent thing so a lot of fans couldn’t see them, but the people on my side could. Camila was in front so of course she kept waving at fans. Ally popped out from behind her and waved at me (and I caught it on camera). 

Finally it was time for the girls to get on stage. Everyone was going crazy so much that I had to step out of the yellow rope thing to not get killed. I guess the security guard thought I was trying to jump on the stage (I could touch it just reaching out) and so she kept yelling at me to get back behind the yellow rope where there was no room for me to even scoot in. I was frustrated at this point that when she yelled at me, I yelled back “Where do you expect me to go?!” Camila had been right there when I said that and she laughed and kept singing.


I was so happy that they sung all five of their (so far) original songs (Miss Movin’ On, Tellin’ Me, Don’t Wanna Dance Alone, Leave My Heart Out Of It, Me & My Girls). A lot of fans actually jumped on stage during Don’t Wanna Dance Alone and that pissed security off. 


Security at the mall almost ruined the event. After the girls finished their set and were about to start their Q&A, a old man (security) came to my section and said we ALL had to move. He never explained himself why he was moving us, but for the most part people were listening and moving. However, he felt the need to yell at the top of his lungs that we weren’t moving fast enough. He was yelling so loud that I couldn’t even hear what the girls were saying. I had to watch a video afterwards to know what they said.

I had a Jonas Brothers concert to go to right after the Fifth Harmony show. Between time to get to my friend’s house and then to the venue they would be playing at, I pretty much had to leave during the Q&A. I really wanted to get my CD signed, but time wasn’t my friend. So, I left and spotted David and Troy off away from where all the action was. I called him out on twitter days later and he responded. 

Fast forward some time, my friend and I made it to the Jonas Brothers concert. My phone was dead. So, I was kind of out of the Twitter world for a while. I was pretty bummed when I realized JB was running late and to top it off they had an opening act. I kept telling myself that I could have stayed and gotten to see the girls again and get my CD signed, but once they came out, I let it go to the back of my mind. 

I even got this great picture of Nick when my friend and I snuck closer to the front of the stage. 

So, as we’re driving back home, I’m charging my phone in the car and I check my Twitter to find out the girls were supposed to open for the boys. I was so devastated, but overall I was happy to get to see both of them... and on the same day!

Thank you for everyone who helped me meet the girls whether it was liking my million Facebook statuses or retweeting my link on Twitter... you rock! 

This is a day I’ll never forget.    

Here's a video I made of the pictures I took...


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