Tuesday, February 7, 2012

[Book Review] Snowbound Hearts

Well, I'm back! Took a little break January to get used to my new school schedule. With that being said, first post of the year...

Sophie’s Snow Day by Jillian Chantal
I really wish this was a longer piece like a book or something to that length.  There was so much more that I wanted to know about Sophie’s character and her background.  However, for it being a 16 page short story, I found myself completely surprised at how attached I was getting to these characters. Each character from Sophie to Tobias to Mrs. Baker all had characteristics that I wanted to know where they came from.  If Jillian Chantal ever decides to make a full length novel based on these character, I’ll definitely be reading!!!

Snowbanked by Jennifer Daiker
This is story is the whole reason I purchased the e-book. Jen was really nice to answer some writing questions I had so I felt the need to buy her stuff once she got published….and boy am I glad I did. I absolutely loved the fun banter that she had between Parker and Grant. Having read the blog that Jen wrote talking about the book and how it came about a couple of weeks ago, I could see her through her writing. I’m ready to read more of her work!!!

The White Lion by Maggie Devine
Just as I thought I had the story figured out, I was completely wrong. I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next, but I couldn’t. My favorite character of this story has to be Shane. There’s something about his character that just screams sexy. He’s arrogant, cocky, and everything you love to hate in a guy. Great read!

Winter Twilight by Shannon O’Brien
I really loved the backstory in this short story.  Teagan, which is a really creative name that I had honest never heard before reading this story is a recently divorced woman. Something I loved about Shannon O’Brien’s writing was that she included the backstory in it, but she didn’t shove it down her readers’ throats. She explained why her character is the way she is without going too into it. Good story!

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