Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[TV Tuesday] Shows That Ended Too Soon

Hey all! It’s TV Tuesday again! Sadly, most shows are still on break and I don’t think any of them are coming back until next year. So, no episode reviews for me this week, but… I do have another topic!

Shows that ended too soon:
1.       Roswell --- It’s been nearly 10 years since the show has been off air and people are still talking about it! I mean, who doesn’t love hot aliens with awesome abilities? Unfortunately, the show only lasted for 3 seasons while it should have lasted for at least 5. I guess we’ll never know what would have happened in that 100th episode.
2.       Legend of the Seeker --- It hit me hard the other day while watching Richard & Kahlan fan made videos on Youtube just how much I’ve missed this show. It seriously had everything anyone would love from renaissance time era and fighting with swords to romance and forbidden love. Two seasons really isn’t enough. Luckily, we have that bunch of books by Terry Goodkind that the show is based on to keep us preoccupied.
3.       Day Break --- I originally got this for my sister as one of those last minute Christmas gifts that I was sure was going to be left unwatched. Surprisingly, the both of us ended up liking it. For those who, like us, had no idea the show was about, it’s about a man accused of murder. He must repeat the day over and over in hopes of proving his innocence.
4.       Against the Wall --- Personally I do not watch the show, but my older sister insisted I put it as one of the shows for today’s blog. The show is about a woman whose three brothers and father are all cops, but she still decides to join the internal affairs causing some drama between her family. There’s also a triangle and since the show has been cancelled we have no idea who she picked! Uh-oh!
5.       No Ordinary Family --- I have to admit; I watched the first episode live and then flaked out for the rest of the season. It wasn’t until after I heard that the show was cancelled this summer that I finally watched and realized what a mistake I made not watching it while it was still on air. Like many shows that are cancelled unexpected, NOF left off in a huge cliffhanger that will never be answered. Cue in the sad face.
6.       Heroes --- Similar to NOF, I didn’t watch Heroes until it was cancelled and put up on Netflix. Friends again and again told me how much they thought I would end up liking the show, but I never did. A part of me wishes the producers and writers had known that the show was ending. Four years is a good run, but leaving off in a cliffhanger like Heroes did, it makes me want more like say a… movie!
7.       Kyle XY --- I asked my sister what last show I should include in this list and when I mentioned Kyle XY, she literally let out a “duh.” Why? Because this show was so freaking awesome and definitely should have continued.  A mysterious guy learning about where he really came from? Oh yeah, it can only get better from there.

What are some of your favorite shows that were gone too soon?

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  1. Charlies Angels revival... LOL JK JK JK

    I agree with you Roswell needed more seasons BUT at the same time 3 seasons that were SUPERB was just right.