Thursday, September 20, 2012

[TV Thursday] What shows are you looking forward to this 2012-2013 season?

Well, it’s finally that time again. Our shows are coming back. While some networks (looks at CW with mad killer eyes) won’t be starting their shows up again until October, most will be back later this month. If you’re anything like me, I don’t like waiting. I don’t want promo pictures. I don’t want trailers. I don’t want one minute sneak peeks. I want the real thing. I want my shows back.  


My TV Schedule:
Once Upon A Time – Wasn’t expecting that ending they gave us for the season one finale so I’m looking forward to the next season and looking forward to the direction they will be taking the main characters now that they know the big secret.
Bones – I watched the premiere on Monday like everyone else. There were definitely the twists that I wasn’t expecting that I’m hoping lead to backstabbing and drama. (I love drama)
How I Met Your Mother – Robin. Barney. Wedding. Hello! I want to see how they get to that point. It shall be an interesting season, hopefully.
Castle* - “All I want is you.” I just… I’m waiting for Monday to be here already. I can’t wait to see Castle and Beckett interact as a secret couple.
Nikita* - I just really know what Alex’s answer is to Sean’s date question. Oh, and I want to see them go on the date.
The Vampire Diaries* - There are so many things that the finale left open, so many cliffhanger. Elena as a vampire. Klaus + Tyler = Klyer? This has to be one of the best shows on air right now. Definitely has something for everyone to enjoy.
Switched At Birth – While I am about an episode behind, I have to say that the back end of episodes almost feels like a different show. And not in a bad way. The writers have done a great job of keeping things fresh. I may not agree with everything they are making the characters do, but I can recognize good writing when I see it. 
Glee – Just when I was ready to give up on this show for the 3 time, it has to go and have an AMAZING season 4 premiere. Similar to Switch At Birth, Glee feels like a new show. Half of the show is in high school, the other half in a college? Yeah, I’ll sign up for it.
New Pilots that I am more than likely going to give a shot:
Beauty and the Beast* - Although I wasn’t a fan of her character on Smallville, I love Kristin Kreuk’s work. So, I’ll definitely be tuning in.
Emily Owens – Justin Hartley, please have some shirtless scenes. That is all.
Arrow – Partly giving this a shot because of my love for Smallville’s GA. Otherwise, I would be looking the other way.
Revolution* - Dang it! I missed the premiere! Let’s blame school again.
Nashville - I’m a sucker for musical shows… sometimes.
666 Park Avenue – Looks like an odd collaboration of cast, but that’s exactly what’s pulling me in.

“*” means I am on the edge of my seat waiting for them to be back.


So, what’s your TV schedule look like? What shows are you guys looking forward to? Comment below. If there’s a show out there that you’re absoulutely in love with, here’s your chance to try to make a new fan of the show.

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