Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[TV Tuesday] One Tree Hill Series Finale Review

I wish I can say that I’ve been a One Tree Hill fan since the beginning, but that would be a lie. I caught up this past summer, which just my luck happened to be right before the seasons were put up on Netflix. So, I found links for the first eight seasons online and watched them all on my laptop. Pure hell, if you ask me. Having to locate links and watch on a tiny (compared to a tv) screen, but it was worth it. I had always wanted to watch One Tree Hill and I’m glad I finally did.

Unlike a lot of shows, OTH was given a full season to prepare for the end. I honestly, think that’s the best way to go. It’s certaintly beats cancelation after the last episode has been shot. They were able to give each character the proper ending, which Mark Schwahn did a great job completing.

Two of the series biggest characters, Lucas and Peyton were given their ending two seasons ago and while many fans complained that they didn’t return for the series finale, I am not one of those fans. They were given their happy ending and they kept that happy ending.

As for Haley and Nathan, one of my favorite couple of the show. I didn’t feel like the episode was really an advance in their relationship, but rather an advance in their son, Jamie’s life. All of Haley’s dreams came true as she said. This episode was about passing the torch down to Jamie and having him strive for his own dreams.

What a perfect ending for Brooke and Julian. I always felt like Brooke was always getting the bad end of the deal. But these past two seasons have really showed a Brooke that’s happier. Not only does she have a really great marriage with Julian, but she finally has children like she’s wanted for years. Add the relationship she’s wanted with her parents since the beginning of the series and she finally has her complete family.

Clay and Quinn are characters that were added after Peyton and Lucas’s departure. While some fans couldn’t put aside that difference, I fell in love with the relationship they had. They helped each other out through their problems. Adding in Logan and a marriage at the end of it was more of an ending that I could have imagined.

As for other characters such as Dan, Chase, Chris, Mouth, Millie, and Skills, I wasn’t really a fan of how their characters’ last season was going. However, the last couple of episodes have really tied in together where I found myself really liking their end. Dan’s death was, for lack of better words, beautiful. Mouth and Millie end up pregnant. Skills ended up with Bevin. Even Chase and Chris sort of got what they wanted.

As for the way the series finale was actually set up. It was perfect! Bethany Joy sung for the last time on the show. Of course, they had to bring in Gavin Degraw to sing the theme song one last time. They had to do that time jump because if it’s one thing One Tree Hill is good at, it’s time jumps. Everything about this final episode fit in to what OTH has been all these years.  The heart of the show started with friendship and basketball and the show ended with basketball and friendship. I can only hope that fans since the beginning loved it as much as I did.

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