Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[Book Reviews] Short Stories (April 2013)

I read a lot of short stories. While they might not be long enough to write a full book review, I’d still like to write review on them. So, I came up with this. 

Every month, I’ll write up a combined review of all the short stories I’ve read. Then, I’ll post it on the last day of the the month (or whatever my schedule let’s me do in the future). Here’s the first (April) one.  

Potionate Love by Patricia Mason Kindle Edition25 pages4 stars

The story was very cute. While I predicted very early on what the ending would look like, there were still some little things in between that I liked. 

For a short story, I was surprised at how much I found myself liking the characters. I also happened to really like the character names. 

The romance was cute. The writing felt like it was targeted for a younger audience maybe middle schoolers. But considering it’s a short story, I was okay with it.

The Oldest Man In The Universe by Tuan Ho Kindle Edition12 pages 4 stars

This is the type of story that if I had kids, I would read to them to get their hopes up. It was very cute in the inspiring type of way. 

The world the writer created has potential to be so much more. Which ironic enough, is a big them in the story. 

The author put a lot of details in this short story that leaves me wondering if he is going to write more set in this world.  

THEY by Vincent Hobbes Kindle Edition15 pages 2 stars

It had me at the beginning. I was fully alert ready to read more and more excitement. Sadly, at 15% in, it started to lose me. 

While I understood that with a short story, there isn’t much explanation compared to a 300 or even a 100 page book, but something was just off with the character. They had a lot to them that could have been explored, but instead the author decided to put his focus else where. 

The ending made me feel like I had wasted my time. Inconclusive. That’s all I’ll say.

Marrying Mona by Mimi Riser Kindle Edition23 pages 4 stars

The beginning really hooked me in. All I knew about the story was what the cover told me. So, right away I was finding myself surprised with the storyline and loving it. 

Towards the end it was becoming more than obvious that it was part of a bigger series, but I was fine just reading this free version.

Heart of the Selkie by Sam AsherKindle Edition34 pages5 stars

I now want to read more Selkie books because of this one. It made me want to dive into a world similar to this one. 

Honestly there wasn’t a single page of this short story that didn’t have my attention. Rather than how a bunch of nonsense fluff, it was all good fluff. 

Blogger's Note: Seeing as how small each review is,  I promise to have more detailed reviews next time. 

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