Friday, June 15, 2012

[Book Review] Sweet Shadows by Tera Lynn Childs

Summary (from Goodreads):
Three teenage descendants of Medusa, now united, must claim their heritage to fight the monsters escaped from the abyss.
Gretchen may have known she was a descendant of Medusa long before her sisters--after all, she's spent her life fighting the monsters that escape the abyss--but that doesn't mean it will be easy to teach the other girls the ropes.
Greer has pressing social commitments on her plate and precious little time to train in her newfound powers. But that wretched second sight won't leave her alone, and her fabled heritage seems to be creeping into her fashionable life.
Grace has worries closer to home--like why her brother, Thane, has disappeared. He's hiding something. Could it possibly be related to the secret heritage the triplets share?

I planned on reading this book in less than week, but like many things in life, some plans are changed. As I was approaching the end of the book, my father suddenly passed away. Between funeral arrangements, family, and just plain grieving, I wasn’t ready to pick up any books. But today I sat (more like laid) down and finished the last one hundred pages of this book.

I was fortunate enough to have snagged an uncorrected proof a few weeks ago. However I must admit, I had Sweet Venom on my bookshelf, unread. But I quickly fixed that problem. I’m glad I read it the way I did. I’m not a fan of waiting when given a cliffhanger. Sweet Venom leaves off in a cliffhanger. So, I was happy I had Sweet Shadows just feet away waiting for me to read it.

Warning: Sweet Shadows leaves off in a similar cliffhanger as its sequel. You have been warned.

One thing that I said in my Sweet Venom review that I would like to see more was the romance. And Tera Lynn Childs brought it on for Sweet Shadows. (And if you’ve been reading her tweets like I have, you know she’s bringing it a lot more in SV3!) Each girl has their love interest. And while some romances might come to a tragic end, some blossom. I’ll leave you guessing until you read it.

Along with the romance in the story, the relationship between the three sisters also grows. What I really like about this is that not only are the girls getting closer, but they’re also arguing with each other. Having a sister myself, I know there has to be some arguments to make the relationship seem real.

As for the actual plots and twists of the novel… I LOVE THEM! TLC does a really good job of keeping things a secret when it comes to her writing. There is one specific thing (I don’t want to put spoilers) that happens towards the end of the book that I never would have seen coming. As for the mystery, I am very curious what is going on with Thane, Grace’s brother. I have my speculations, but just in case I am completely wrong I will not make a fool of myself.

Really glad that I got into this fun, mythological series. Be sure to be on the lookout. Giveaway of this yet to be released book coming soon!

5 out of 5 for Sweet Shadows by Tera Lynn Childs.


  1. Great review! I just finished Sweet Venom and was looking to see if Sweet Shadows gets better. I liked SV, but like you, I missed the romance that I love so much from Tera Lynn Childs. Glad to hear that SS amps that up. The ARC is sitting here next to me, calling my name...

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply, but if that ARC is still sitting next to you unread, I'm telling you "READ IT!"