Friday, February 22, 2013

[Book Review] Her One True Soldier by Linore Rose Burkard

Summary (from Amazon):
Is pop-singer Christine Hartman's fairy-tale success story about to end? When a man in camo literally falls across her path while she's on a routine walk on her private, posted retreat property, she knows danger is afoot. Yet she has no idea of what's coming, or why her life might depend on what she knows. 
Readers will find suspense, mystery and romance in this short "novelette" that nevertheless manages to end on Ms. Burkard's famously upbeat notes.


As always, I was looking for something short to read as I fall to sleep or in between classes. This was the perfect size for exactly that. It wasn’t so short that it had no character attachment and it wasn’t too big to the point of dragging. 

Plot: I absolutely had no idea what the book was about when I started reading, but quickly it got my attention. Summarizing the plot without giving too much away is best left in the summary. In theory, the main plot of the story wouldn’t have called my attention, but it surprisingly worked. 

Characters: I found myself really liking Christine and wanting to know more about her character, but as far as I know, there is no continuation. As for Daniel, I felt like there could have been more to his character considering he was a hired killer. 

Relationships: When it comes to short novels like this, there’s only so much a writer can explore in. However, I felt like the author did a very well job when it came to the relationships. From Christine’s relationship with Daniel to Christine’s relationship with Marla. It all seem to fit.

3 out of 5 stars for Her One True Soldier by Linore Rose Burkard

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